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About Us

Folsom Market was born out of necessity. Proprietors Amber Roth (Chef) and Kelly McGee (Naturopath) recognized a need for healthy lunch options, nature-based products, and community wellness education in our little farm village.

Our Health Food Store and Herbal Kitchen aims to enhance the well-being of the community by offering wholistic, life-giving products and services. Our focus is on nutritious food and informative resources for a healthy lifestyle.

Folsom Market is home to two businesses, Kitchen Creations by Amber Roth and Your Nature Care by Kelly McGee.   

Meet The Team

This kitchen wizard is also known as Amber Roth. She's the genius behind the delicious food we're about to cook up for y'all. Some of you might recognize her as your former rural mail carrier, or from her booth Kitchen Creations To Go at the Madisonville and Abita Farmer's Market.

Now her dreams have brought her here to Folsom Market, where her culinary creativity can spread its wings. We are lucky to have her directing our kitchen operations!

Here we see a very focused Kelly McGee in her natural environment.. making her famous McGee's Magic Salve to please the masses.

When not in the kitchen preparing herbal formulas, Kelly can be found in our classroom teaching others about how to implement the medicine of Nature into their daily lives. She's been studying, and teaching Naturopathy and Herbalism for going on 15 years, and has been a Massage Therapist for 22+ years.

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